Spirit in the Blade

This is one of my latest works. I’m painting a lot, lately, and I have many works to share here and on my other social media. You can find all the links in the “contact” page. Hope you like this!

Minotaur Warrior

Minotaur Warrior

This is my Minotaur Warrior. I’ve spent a lot of time andefforto on this one but I’m really satisfied with the result! Hope you like it too.

The March of the Queen

The March of the Queen

This is one of my latest works. I have a few more works I’d like to share with you as soon as possible. Hope you like this one, for starters. You can find many more of my works on my Instagram page.

The Sound of Silence

This is one of my latest works. I’ve been recently working on a boardgame and I must say it is definitely a lot of work. I rarely have time to create for myself. This is the product of many micro-moments of relax! Hope you like it!

The Sound of Silence