I started this painting with the idea of making an ogre warrior. During the process I changed my mind and ended doing something like a sort of mythological satyr-like beast. This is the result. Let me know what you think!


071118_Sad Eyes _3_Small_MD

It seems I’ve been painting a lot of characters, lately. When I paint this kind of hybrid female characters I love to mix different features such as horns, scales, claws and feathers with human traits, combining sheer, natural power with the delicate beauty of female bodies.

This time I made a Tiefling, or a half-demon if you’re not into roleplaying games, a being born from the unholy union of a demon and a human. They are not necessary evil in nature, but their demonic traits usually get them to be fiercely discriminated. As a result they don’t trust anybody and learn very quickly to rely exclusively on themselves.

As usual I tried to stay as painterly as possible, to achieve a more organic result.

Let me know what do you think! And if you have a favourite character you would like me to paint you can suggest it in the comments below! 

Scorpio Duelist

011118_Scorpion Duelist_3_MD

This is my new work, Scorpio Duelist. This was one of the main characters of a novel I wrote when I was a high school student. It was meant to be male, to be honest, but I decided to change it and I must say I like this female version. I tried many times to draw or paint this particular character over the years, but I was never satisfied of the result. Now I finally made a version I like and I can rest easy. For now, at least!

Well, if you want to let me know what do you think of it, feel free to drop a couple lines in the comments below. Have a great day wherever you are!

Welcome to my new site!


Hi everyone and welcome to my new site. My name is Meridianos and I’m an Italian illustrator. I started working digitally four years ago and since then I painted a lot of fantasy and sci-fi landscapes and characters. I usually work as a freelance artist for anyone in need of covers, logos and artwork for their products. Starting today I will post any news about my work here, along with interesting events, tutorials (I’m working on it) and contests you could be interested in, so stay tuned!

Feel free to comment and if you have any question or request…ask away. Commissions are opened, and my paintings are all available for printing, so if you’re interested and want to ask for prices you can use the form in the Contact page.

Thank you and welcome onboard!