The Monolith

The Monolith
The Monolith

It’s been a while since I last made a landscape and it was high time I did it. I love to depict lone travellers in huge sceneries, like this one. In this world some ancient civilization managed to harness the power of a whole planet connecting it to a giant monolith. I love the surreal effect it gives. Hope you like it too.

Check the details in the Landscapes page and leave a comment if you like!


071118_Sad Eyes _3_Small_MD

It seems I’ve been painting a lot of characters, lately. When I paint this kind of hybrid female characters I love to mix different features such as horns, scales, claws and feathers with human traits, combining sheer, natural power with the delicate beauty of female bodies.

This time I made a Tiefling, or a half-demon if you’re not into roleplaying games, a being born from the unholy union of a demon and a human. They are not necessary evil in nature, but their demonic traits usually get them to be fiercely discriminated. As a result they don’t trust anybody and learn very quickly to rely exclusively on themselves.

As usual I tried to stay as painterly as possible, to achieve a more organic result.

Let me know what do you think! And if you have a favourite character you would like me to paint you can suggest it in the comments below! 

Scorpio Duelist

011118_Scorpion Duelist_3_MD

This is my new work, Scorpio Duelist. This was one of the main characters of a novel I wrote when I was a high school student. It was meant to be male, to be honest, but I decided to change it and I must say I like this female version. I tried many times to draw or paint this particular character over the years, but I was never satisfied of the result. Now I finally made a version I like and I can rest easy. For now, at least!

Well, if you want to let me know what do you think of it, feel free to drop a couple lines in the comments below. Have a great day wherever you are!